Residential houses and even some condominium units have either a small or a big deck. This is dependent on the area where the house or unit is located. More often than not those individuals that have a deck on their condominium unit would not be able to have it remodeled or modified.

The reason for this is that there are some areas where building codes allows the modification while others do not. The main requirement is where the materials will be placed during renovation as well as the clean-up. But the more flexible codes are the ones that are designed for vacation houses near coasts and mountains.

The main reason for the more flexible renovation codes for residential houses is that the repair or modification can be done easily since there will be more room to mix the cement materials needed for the new flooring.  The advantage of residential areas is that there are also enough room to temporarily store the stones, pebbles and other additional materials needed.

The choice of modification in the flooring is dependent on the style and taste of the home owner most especially if the plan is to make it more aesthetically enhanced. This can be done by using colored pebbles or stones that will be used as a finishing material aside from the colored cement as its background.

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