Carports Brisbane makes the perfect solution to your car storage problems. These do not have walls or doors but can be attached to your house or made to stand freely on your yard. Hence, you know that they are portable and can also be used as a tent if you are going to hold a party in the lawn.

This Carports Brisbane is cheap, low maintenance and durable. However, they can only provide a limited coverage for your cars against the inclement weather.

On your first time to put it up, make sure to check its roof for metal shavings. They are of no concern if it is always bright and sunny outside but once they get moisture, they will rust and stain your roof. It is always wise to keep the roof clean from twigs, leaves and even bird poop. You can just hose off the roof to clean it. If there are bigger materials stuck there you can poke the roof with a pole. Just make sure it has no sharp edges. You can also climb on top of it. Just be always reminded to step on the metal skeletons.

You also need to check the rubber washers. These are located in between the sheet metal and the screws. If these are crewed too tight, the rubber washer may break. This will cause leaks. It is important to check these on a regular basis.

Since it is located outside, the metals would need to be repainted to avoid rusting. 

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